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The addictive cycle strips us of our hope, creates feelings of despair, and keeps us trapped. Without help, it’s difficult (almost impossible) to pull ourselves out of it. Willpower and good intentions are not enough. Our Florida Christian rehab helps men trapped in the addictive cycle find freedom through Christ. The addictive process and its temptations are real, so we must be self-aware, educated, and equipped by God to overcome it. Ending the addictive cycle is possible as we invest in an ongoing relationship with our Savior – Jesus.

The study answers essential questions like:

  • How does the addictive cycle work?
  • How does following Jesus change the reality of the addictive cycle?
  • Why is asking “why I used” so important?
  • How do we handle triggers and temptations?
  • What does it mean to take the narrow road?
  • How do we walk in freedom and stay on the right path?

The Addictive Cycle

Our Florida Christian rehab aims to recognize the components of the addictive cycle, how men fall into it, and how they can be freed from it. Addiction strips us of our self-worth and self-respect by filling our hearts with shame. This makes us highly vulnerable to some powerful lies. Over time, these lies become our core beliefs. We examine how the addictive cycle works and what powers it – mental triggers, fear, shame, and false beliefs. All these grow in darkness but retreat from the light as we expose them to God’s truth.

Florida Christian RehabUnderstanding the addictive cycle is necessary because it helps us guard ourselves and empowers us to seek help from God and others. The Bible warned us about the process of sin and shame long before any treatment program existed. It teaches us that trying to succeed alone, without God, only leads to death. We can’t end the addictive cycle, but Jesus can.

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction is a physical, mental, and spiritual battle. A battle that is won as we follow Christ. He gives us goals that inspire greater focus, determination, and grit than “staying sober.” Our hearts need to be committed to Him if we walk in true freedom. Hope for change and freedom is available now.

Does ending the addictive cycle mean that we will never struggle again? No. But as we engage in an active relationship with God and follow His instructions, we are pulled into His orbit. God replaces the addictive cycle with hope for eternal and abundant life! The addictive process is nothing compared to the gravitational force of a loving, all-powerful, and gracious God.

Are you willing to do the hard work by truly examining your thinking, feeling, and behaving patterns? Will you allow the truth of God’s word to expose the lies that you have believed and replace them with the truth? Our Florida Christian rehab will reveal the addictive cycle to the reality of hope – a new life in Christ!

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As you search for a Florida Christian rehab, consider Southwest Florida Men’s Rehab in Fort Myers, FL. Our Florida Christian rehab offers the *highest success rate for long-term addiction treatment. Our Florida Christian rehab recovery rate are second to none in the industry. Residents receive a new spiritual foundation on which to rebuild their lives. They receive guidance, mentoring, and motivation to remain clean and sober. Our Florida Christian rehab is not a resort or a vacation; but if other rehab programs have failed you, maybe it’s time to check it out because it really works! Call us now to find out how we can help you kick the substances that are destroying your life!

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