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Southwest Florida Men’s Rehab 2023 Update

Teen Challenge Fort Myers Campus

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Will and Mary Kitchen
(Executive Directors)

What’s Been Happening at
Our Teen Challenge Florida Ministry?

Our Teen Challenge Fort Myers center has had a challenging yet rewarding summer and fall. We celebrated program completions both on the center level as well as the intern level. Multiple men moved into the second phase of the Teen Challenge Florida program which means they are staying long-term and giving God an opportunity to transform their lives. We were also able to facilitate our first ever Alumni reunion where we hosted many graduates and their families as far back as 2003 that were still living sober and successfully. Most recently, we held our annual Limitless Gala. Over 250 people came out to celebrate putting HOPE within reach and we smashed our financial goal. Many thanks to the community of Southwest Florida for showing such amazing support.  

Our Christian rehab center also experienced one of the largest hurricanes in Florida history which devastated much of the area and took many lives. In the aftermath of such a difficult challenge, nearly all of our men stayed and have been pushing forward in their recovery. We have been able to serve our local community and put HOPE within reach. Our campus also remained intact and we are resolving the damage we did receive.

Southwest Florida Men’s Rehab Graduate Testimonies


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“After being saved by Jesus Christ, I once again have found hope for my life and through Teen Challenge Christian rehab center in Fort Myers, the Lord has given me a second chance at a life worth living. Now my future looks brighter than ever.”


teen challenge Fort MyersCarlos

“At Teen Challenge Fort Myers, I have learned to accept the freedom that Jesus offers, to break free from my bondage of sin. I now embrace that I am a new creation in Christ, and I look to the future to find His will for my life!”


Teen Challenge FloridaDavid

“I was lost, finding my identity in how other people viewed me. Now, through my time in Teen Challenge Florida, getting to know Jesus, I have found my identity in Christ as a child of God set apart for His purpose!”


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